2019-08-15 10:05 am

I would like to commend you on your helpfulness and speed of service. It is great to actually have a company that delivers the goods or service on the day it says it will and that is you guys. A breath of fresh air, easy to deal with and onto it. Well done. I highly recommend you guys!

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Posted By: lyn70 regarding CLIC Central Lakes Internet Company


2019-08-15 08:44 am

A great Kiwi "can do" company, With a solid product with a monster upload speed, Excellent for cloud services and with stable low ping it's great for realtime services i.e voip and gaming. Capable install team. If you've got a crap last-mile connection or getting killed by rbi caps give Brent a call.

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Posted By: Jeremy@panmureorchards regarding CLIC Central Lakes Internet Company


2019-07-18 10:44 am

I have used CLIC for both a business that I manage and personal use. In the business Clic now supply our wifi across three residences and across our 6 vineyard sites in two different sub regions.
At home we use Clic for our residence and an external apartment and garage.
Clearly Clic is a busy and growing company, if we have had any issues Brent has always found a solution and we are very happy with our internet supply.

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Posted By: mark361 regarding CLIC Central Lakes Internet Company


2019-06-17 06:23 pm

Great company to deal with thanks Janet and Brent you guys rock, thanks for the attention to detail

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Posted By: john-43 regarding CLIC Central Lakes Internet Company


2019-04-06 04:39 am

Fast Internet, Fast setup, and very happy kids!
Thank you to Brent and his team.

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Posted By: KATHYK regarding CLIC Central Lakes Internet Company